Interviews & Articles

Interview De Hollanders, openingsvoorstelling ITs Festival 2011 door Rinke Oostra


Interview Joost van Hezik by Daniël Bertina

Interview with director Yael Reuveny by Nikola Skočajić

Interview with director Joost van Hezik by Asja Krsmanovic

Interview with film producer Uroš Tomić by Asja Krsmanovic

Writing for performance – interview met Don Duyns

Beschouwing Its Festival door Sarah Vankersschraever

Interview with Alma Soderberg

Interview met Floris Visser, regisseur van La voix humaine

Interview met Aus Greidanus Jr. Regisseur van Katzelmacher

Interview Andrew Loretto

In the Summerhouse

Workshop Joyce Roodnat

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