Asja Krsmanovic

Asja Krsmanovic (1988, Sarajevo) is a multi-talented final year Dramaturgy student at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. Her freelance work as a dramaturg has led her to collaborate with a range of young directors and directing students, and theater companies such as Open stage Obala and Youth theatre in Sarajevo. As a theatre critic she collaborated with the MESS festival and publish on the work of Croatian Shadow Casters troup, Eduard Miler and Michael Lessac among others. Lately she is trying her hand at scriptwriting for her first short movie, “Glass.”
She views her critical writing as a way to present new forms and progressive toughts. She believes critique and dramaturgy are the two faces of a same coin: They do not exist without each other. Without good critique, there cannot be good art –and the other way around.

Asja. Still young and promising, but soon will be old and unaccomplished – dramaturgy student, born on 17th of april 1988 in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavian Republic Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tito had already been dead for seven years, Vučko was almost forgotten, and Yugoslavia was preparing to go six feet under. War started and before she even learned how to say word ‘identity’, she had to choose her nationality, religion, sexual orientation and everything else. The rest of her life she will be spending by fixing those mistakes, as a political atheist, political lesbian, and when it comes to nationality – many others. She is freelancing as a dramaturge. And she has worked on some plays produced by Open stage Obala and Youth theatre in Sarajevo, and wrote reviews for the MESS festival.

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