Jodean Sumner

Jodean Sumner was born in the UK in 1986. She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a first class degree in ‘Contemporary Theatre and Performance’ in 2008 and is now a masters student at Leeds Metropolitan University studying on the course ‘Performance Works’. Her particular interest are in theatre performance, site specific and interactive performance as well as performance that focuses on identity and the body. She has worked as a solo performance artist and a collaborative performance artist in a theatre company called Trace Theatre. Working practically informs her critical writing and provides her with a reference point when critiquing other artists’ work. These two processes go hand in hand for in her work, leading her writing about performance and understanding and developing her own performance practice. This practice can be considered in two parts; solo performance that engages with gender politics and notions of identity of the body and of place. The second part of her practice involves her work within Trace Theatre that bases their work around a collaborative process that explores the act of collaboration and the conflict between individuals that eventually form a cohesive group.

Jodean would like to be a gauge at ITS Festival trying to feel out what is happening in our international context, what is happening in the world around us globally and how are each of the artists expressing this? Are the ideas we engage with so different? Believing that performance is its own language that can translate across different nations, she views international performance events as a locus for a political and beautiful action that she intends not only to witness, but to describe, to contextualise and ultimately criticise.

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