Adi Lučić

My name is Adi Lučić, and I come from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegowina. I was born on 23rd of April 1989, and right now i’m second year student of dramaturgy department on Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. I finished Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo, department of natural sciences (biology, physics, maths and chemistry). During the high school, in spare time, i used to dj and run a drum&bass radio show on eFM student radio. My interest in joining the Eye of the Beholder is quite simple – this region is desperately in need for argumented theater critique because at the moment all the theater workers (including writers,directors and actors) see the critique as a personal attack on their doit. The only hope is that the young generation that is coming out of the Academy’s (including Republic Srpska and Federation BiH) have a strong&confident background and international experience where they can share their stories and compare it with the situation worldwide. My vision of a „good“ theater is the one which is opened for new forms, experiments and established norms. The one that is not controlled by a lobby, which is a situation in our country. I am not in favor of labeling everything as art just because it’s being played on scene, i see art as a noble discipline which should be obligated to transcend some higher message, but we have to always keep in our mind that theater should be opened for everyone, and not to be an elististic privilege. Analog to that, the „higer messages“ which i mentioned, can be on different levels, from ordinary stories to philosophical debates.

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