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There’s no art without critical reflection. As theatre criticism forms an important link between performing artists and their audience, this year for the third time, the ITs Festival is organising a project for young critics, in collaboration with the Domein voor Kunstkritiek (Domain for Art Criticism).

Young Journalists: Eye of the Beholder

Under the guidance of Daniël Bertina, a journalist for the Parool, and like in 2009 and 2010, an international group of budding young journalists will be reporting enthusiastically on the festival. With an open yet critical view they will capture their experiences in reflections, reviews and interviews, which you can read through artcriticseurope.wordpress.com. Twitter and other social media are also part of their standard kit. Three workshops taught by some of the experts in the domain of art journalism will offer them some new reference points for their thoughts and writings.

ITs and the Domain for Art Criticism would like to thank the Nederlands Toneelverbond for its support.

Onder leiding van Parool journalist Daniël Bertina zullen, net als in 2009 en 2010, internationale, beginnende journalisten als jonge honden het festival verslaan. Met open doch kritische blik vatten ze hun ervaringen in reflecties, recensies en interviews, te lezen op artcriticseurope.wordpress.com. Ook Twitter en andere sociale media behoren tot hun gereedschap. Drie workshops door experts in het journalistieke kunstdomein bieden handvatten voor hun denken en schrijven.

ITs en het Domein voor Kunstkritiek danken het Nederlands Toneelverbond voor hun steun.

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