Doruntina Basha

My involvement with theatre started in 2000 when I enrolled in the department of Playwriting at the Faculty of Arts in the University of Prishtina. The journey expanded when I started working on my master dissertation on the topic of gender studies in theatre (Gender Representation in Contemporary English and French Theatre. A Comparative Study: Caryl Churchill and Yasmina Reza, Sarah Kane and Hélène Cixous) under the supervision of Pßrof. Didier Girard (Université de Perpignan Via Domitia) and Dr. Elodie Laügt (University of St. Andrews). For the last three years I’ve been working for the theatre magazine ‘Loja’ which is published in Kosovo.

One response to “Doruntina Basha

  1. It has been such a good thing to meet you on the ITS Festival, you and Armend! Thank you for who you are!
    I could not reach you by sms anymore, so I hope to make contact this way or meet you in December in Kosovo…who knows?

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