Armend Kabashi

I’m at the final stage at completing my Journalism and Communication studies at the Kosovo Institute for Journalism and Communication (KIJAC) on the topic “The Discourse of Progress and Victory in Kosovo” supervised by Anna Di Lellio University of New York. Have worked in the sphere of film and theatre for some years now, from writing to acting and directing. Currently  preparing for a new feature film project commencing in October.

2 responses to “Armend Kabashi

  1. Like to Dori I want to send you a message here- who knows if you read it at all, but it was so good to have met you on the ITS Festival and spend all these long hours of theatre and good moments of icecream or applecake together! Later i could not find you anymore and I was not there the last day…so…I missed my chance to say good bye I guess. We will see each other again. Good luck with everything, we might meet in December, who knows if the piece is accepted at the festival in Kosovo!

  2. Johanna Biesewig

    PS.: thats my full name

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