Transitions in Dance


Transitions Dance Company from Londen, winner of last year’s ITs Guest award, bring two pieces to the festival this year. Expectations are high. Their first piece, The Other/s is a showy comical routine. Left to write, is a more serious contemporary piece.

The Other/s
“Laura has the feeling that three people in the room are very special.” A young man, looking like a seventies show host, says. Three of the other dancers raise their arm. Apparently they are special. One of them is Jesse, an Italian looking boy who tells us he has got shoes that walk for him. He takes the most shiny and glittery pair from the line of shoes at the front of the stage and puts them on. He makes it look as if he has no control over his movements what so ever. “Look! It’s not me, it’s the shoes!”

Then a young girl, in a dress my grandmother would wear, tells us she is special too because she can hold her breath for 20 seconds. So what, who can’t? Last but not least there is Mark. Mark has invisible dreadlocks. By tying them to something, or rather someone, he can make them move. When Mark’s locks are ‘cut off’, he is still able to make things move, using only his hands. Then the group dance starts,  built around the concept of redirecting the other’s movement.

Left to write

Only seven dancers participate in the second dance. They look like futuristic Peter Pans, the only thing missing is the green pointy hat. Their movements look like they are imperfect and rushed – on purpose. After every fluent movement, a crooked elbow or knee follows.

After about 15 minutes the group forms a still image. The lights dim, and only a spotlight from above is shining on them. The music – first screeching dissonant violin tunes – suddenly calms down and becomes a subtle and slow background sound. In slow motion the seven dancers continue their movements. Now they purposely seem to take the time to finish them beautifully, and the impeccable technique of the dancers comes to its right.

When the spotlights finally fade to black, the dancing continues. For a few seconds, the silhouette of moving people stays visible against the dark background.

/// Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) , LINK Dance Company, fourth year, Perth, Australia & Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Transitions Dance Company, fourth year, London, England

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