About Art Critics Europe

Art Critics Europe is the blog for culture journalists participating in projects of the Domein voor Kunstkritiek / Domain for Art Criticism. One of those projects was writing for the ITs Festival Amsterdam. See also the blog Eye of the Beholder.

The Domain for Art Criticism – founded by the Theatre Institute Nederland, and a separate entity since 2006 – is an interdisciplinary laboratory and academy for new generations of culture journalists. Over the last couple of years, the Domain has been responsible for organising research projects, debates, workshops and master classes surrounding the different aspects of art criticism.

How does a critic evaluate digital art? What is the role of art criticism on the internet? And is it possible to create a critical format to evaluate community arts? These were some of the questions answered by the different Domain projects. Together with Theatre Institute Nederland, the Flemish House of Culture and the Brakke Grond theatre the Domain also coordinates the Art Criticism Corpus. Here Flemish and Dutch theatre critics collaborate to create a body of unique and timeless theatre critiques.

For the last two years, the Domain has been responsible for The Eye of the Beholder project, held during the International Theatre School Festival in Amsterdam. An international group of young critics wrote about the performances and events held during the festival. Earlier this year, the Domain was also responsible for the ITS DAILY, a daily festival paper filled with bite size art criticism – in print and online versions.

Together with the Utrecht University and the Utrecht Academy for the Arts (HKU) the Domain studied the role of the critic in the practice of transdisciplinary theatre. Within the Art Criticism Corpus (Corpus Kunstkritiek) a group of writers create rich and experimental texts and critiques about different theatrical performances. The Corpus is a form of ‘slow’ criticism in opposition to hectic journalistic practice.  Like Daniël Bertina’s review of Janken en Schieten:  ‘Ilay den Boer created The Promised Feast: a six part (auto) biographical and documentary theatre project about his struggle with Jewish identity. Part two, Howling and Shooting, shows the desperate longing for a homeland. Claustrophobic and heartbreaking. [lees meer…]

The Domain for Art Criticism is funded by Pauwhof Fonds, and supported on project basis by SNS Reaal, NFPK, Mondraainstichting, Norma Fonds, Stichting Doen and Fonds Cultuurparticipatie.

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