‘Kliché in Kosovo’

An interview with Joost van Hezik, director of Kliché


“I want to tell my story, the story about the young theatre maker that wants to change the world with his play. He realizes that it is not possible, but he just keeps on trying. And that is cliché,” says Joost van Hezik, the director of the play Kliché that premiered at this years International Theatre School festival Amsterdam.

On Skena Up, the audience in Kosovo will be able to see this play in really different version then the one they played before. First reason is that because of the production conditions, the number of actors was cut down from six to three, and the director himself gets on stage as an actor.  Also, it was impossible for the whole production team of twenty-five people to come to the festival.

Another, even more important reason why this play won’t be the same like the original is that the director was not completely satisfied with that version of his work, so he cut out  some scenes, put in some others, and basically made a new play about the same subject.

“The subject I wanted to talk about is how young people can become more active – and why we are not. We have become very cynical. But it’ s a really big subject, so I tried a lot of different things. That is why this play contained many different elements and ideas.”

Because of this, the original play was somehow dispersive. It contained many different ideas that were treated with the same importance.  It was pretentious in a way that the director wanted to say everything that was bothering him in just one play. But still, Kliché in Amsterdam showed great artistic maturity of the director and the whole crew that worked on it.

The Pristina-version of Kliché  is going to be much more straightforward, and the ending will be much more ‘performative’. It will be oriented more on the actor’s bodies and minds, then on some formal solutions, says Van Hezik.  Also, the videos that were used in the play in Amsterdam will be the same here.

“We are all young theatre makers, not satisfied with the politics and the world as it is, but the only thing that we can do is to raise questions. Although I want more out of it, I can not give any real answers, I can not tell the audience what to think. The only thing that will certainly be the same in this play, as in the one we played before, will be its vibe.”

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