Anna Peshke, from Writer to Performer

Wednesday, 14:15, Frascati 1

Justus Liebig Universität Giessen, Regie, fourth year, Giessen, Germany
Conceived, directed and performed by: Anna Peschke

Coproduced with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt


Anna Peschke is back! Not as a writer for ITs Daily, like she was last year. Now she is a performer at the ITs Festival, and gets to see the festival from a different perspective. Performer versus writer. Anna talks about the difference, about her play, her future and the future of theatre.

Eventhough Anna doesn’t have much time to experience the festival as a performer this year, she notices the difference between the two professions: ‘As a writer – you are an observer, able to receive a better view on the different performances. If you are a performer you don’t have time to watch that much performances because you have to prepare your own show. The work you do on a festival is very different, but I think I prefer being a performer.’

Käppkkra is best described as a performance. Anna looks at it as ‘a play, performance art, a stage installation, puppet-theatre and the love for objects. I think theatre needs new inspiration from other artistic disciplines than only film and video. I always combined paintings, sculptures and collages with theater and I think it is very challenging.’

But Käppkkra is not just a combination of visual art and theatre. By building sculptures made of old objects, Anna renews the life of these objects and creates a new story with them. The story of Käppkkra is about dealing with fear and loneliness. ‘I think everybody has to deal with fear – daily fears, existential fears, fears concerning the relationship with other people. I show a way of dealing with that by inventing rituals and games.’

The next three performances she has planned show that Anna’s view of theatre really leans towards multidisciplinary performances. Her next performance The garden of Ilsa is based on soft-porn-exploitation-films from the 70’s and in her solo Fitcher’s bird she tells the tale of Bluebeard with a life-size puppet. A busy schedule that leaves little space in her agenda for being a reviewer. So performer it is.

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