Ons Mensch & Into the big world

Double Bill: Ons Mensch & Into the big world / De Theaterschool, Mime, 4th year.

Three bizarre guardian angel-like figures observe a man and a woman. In wonder. Their marriage is decaying, and like numb zombies they stumble through life. What moves them? The three – a priest, a neurotic grande dame, and an idiot wannabe boxer – deceide to get involved.  The result is Ons Mensch:  a collage of unsettingly funny scènes, filled with the highly physical style of mime acting.

The wife tries to slash her neck with an axe, while her husband desperately tries to stop her. The boxer tries to light his cigarette – with matches! – while still wearing his gloves. Five mime performers from De Theaterschool create a highly absurdist, David Lynch style universe. Uncanny at times, but also hilarious.

Two other mime performers from Amsterdam delve Into the big world. Using the library catalogue of the Teylers Museum in Haarlem as a playtext, they create a trance-like atmosphere of repetitious descpitions of far away cultures, flora and fauna, positive science and the theory of evolution. Their movement is surprisingly sparse, for mime performance, but very deliberate. Like two gentle spirits, they softly appear to tread through the space-time continuum, taking the viewer on a journey of the entire history of the planet, back to the now. Using only words and minimal gestures.

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