There is progress

A film impression by Floriment Klinaku

Tasting the drink in which you urinated…?!  This is not a cultured punishment. However, it is the right one for the wrongdoer, since the nastiness of the punishment derives from the sublimity of the maltreatment. In simple words:  the greater the maltreatment, the uglier the punishment.

Film director Shkelzen Sulejmani from the Faculty of Arts in Prishtina, delivers this message in the movie Shishja (The bottle). The protagonist is an drunk who urinates in the bottle of an alcoholic beverage, and switches it with another bottle. However, this bottle of urine travels around from one place to another; and from one hand to another, to just end the journey in the bar where the one who urinated on it drinks from it. Finally, the wrongdoer receives punishment by his own design.

Kosova is full of wrongdoers at the moment, according to words and rumors that are moving around. Therefore, I would want them to receive the message of this movie. Unfortunately, however, the cinema was full of students. No wrongdoers were there!

Another movie who had an impact on me was the movie of Eros Bardhi: Ky jam une (This is me). This nine minute movie portrayed two days in the life of Labi, who wakes up with the impression of having a hair stuck between his teeth. This thought mutates into an neurotic obsession, and this obsession interferes with the life of the character, played by Naser Rafuna, a well known actor in Kosova.

This film did a good job in presenting the complex of a person living in a society in transition like ours. Complexes are normal, however not the ones that originate from a bad night’s rest. Nevertheless, students welcomed the movie with a warm applause, creating a feeling that our society is moving forward.

In general I love my nation, however my respect increased in the fourth day of the festival SKENA UP where I watched four short movies full of creative and competitive ideas. I watched international movies in the second day of the festival, while national movies in its fourth day, therefore, I would like to give huge compliments for the professors and students of the Art Faculty of UP, since their work made me feel equal with others. We are moving forward, and we are moving fast!

Gazeta Express (in Albanian)

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