Grofgebekt maar niet te letterlijk – a review

The stage is white and spotless. Anne Fé de Boer (HKU), clad in black, is sitting on a stool and gives us a penetrating stare. She is about to do something important which we are allowed – or forced? – to witness. She is about to end her life. For the rest of the performance we will wander her beguiling distorted mind. A privilege as it turns out. After an ironically comical attempt to set herself alight with a match, she squirts empty two containers of red paint, across the white floor. She places her head – winking ostentatiously – in the pool of fake blood. From this position she contemplates her life. Every now and then in her performance, a few tragic characters pass by. Why? There’s no explanation. This talented theatre maker’s slightly eccentric personality turns this play into an up front and sincere performance. At the end she sings “Everybody’s gotta learn some time,” and takes a final deep breath. Then the lights go out and the audience awaken from Anne Fé de Boer’s morbid, yet very inspirational world. (Jasmina Ibrahimovic)

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