Review Hundeherz


A Dog Prince Traveling Incognito in Amsterdam

Armend Kabashi

Who is this Dog Prince traveling around Incognito almost a century after Bulgakov’s writings? Is he somewhere around? Are we able to recognize this prince in our world of countless contingencies that revolves around our action and creation? Add to this ideologies and the societal wheels well-settled in our habitus, inter-dispersed in time and place. Are there still relational differences in our society?

‘It is not my intention to draw the whole picture for the audience and translate the meaning of things’, says Marc Wortel, the director of this theater piece. ‘There are parallels with our lives today, but I would rather leave space for everybody to make up his mind about the world around him.’ The universal machinery of the human condition and the entailed behavioral modes are indisputable predicaments in the work of this Berlin based theater ensemble. Painstaking research has also been put in terms of signs, music, and other materials giving palpable hints to the plot of the story. Majakovski’s poems confer silent musical transitions to desired unopened spaces. This process represents the time prior to waking up in the haze of things to come. The setting of the mood in the play is a result of the experiences the director had when he made Berlin his home.

‘When I moved to Berlin and came across some motifs and a feeling of the place, I realized the relevance of the Bulgakov’s story’, Marc explains, ‘I find that stories, regardless of how old they are, carry within themselves a certain sensitivity and can be rendered into a less antagonistic form of expression.’

Any kind of critique that is not praiseworthy of certain attributes of regimes, ideologies, and their agents is out of the scope of this performance. Instead the mood and the flamboyance of individual narratives tell the personal story of oneself and the mannered circumstantial existence he or she lives, loathes or fears.

Hochschule für Schauspielkunst, Regieabteilung, third-year and master students, Berlin, Germany
Director: Marc Wortel

Photo: Sigrid C. Degener

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